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Companion Animal Articles
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Equine Articles
A Vet Describes TTeam
Playground for Higher Learning
Catching a Horse
Body Wraps
TTeam and Colic
The History of TTouch
A Little Goes a Long Way
Loading Stress
Haltering a Foal
Fitting the Lindell Bitless Bridle
Tension Patterns in Horses

Tellington Training on You Tube
There are many video's of both TTeam
and TTouch on You Tube.  To get you started we have listed  just a few of those available. Click on title of your choice to view.

Demonstration of TTeam on Horses

TTouch for a Mare Nervous Under Saddle

Solving Riding Problems with TTEAM

Earning the Trust of a 3 year old Percheron/Arab/TB/Andalusian cross named Knick Knack with TTouch

Companion Animals
Unleash your Dog's Potential

TTouch for Cats

TTouches on a Dog who cannot walk

TTouches on a reactive Dog

TTouch for Birds

TTouch Transformation for Alf the fearful rescue dog

Wild or Zoo Animals
TTouches on Wild Animals (Tropical Inc) 

TTouch on Skunks 

TTouch on an African Snail

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