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The Ultimate Horse Training and Behavior Book: Enlightened and Revolutionary Solutions for the 21st Century

by Linda Tellington-Jones with Bobbie Leiberman

At last, the definitive work of Linda Tellington-Jones, including everything you need to learn and practice the world famous Tellington Method!

“This is a book destined to be on every horseperson’s bookshelf.”
—John Lyons

This book is the ‘encyclopedia’ of TTouch and has over 300 colored photos and many drawings. The book contains the philosophy of the work, more than 60 typical problems that horse-owners run into, complete descriptions with photos of all the TTouches, Ground Exercise, and Work under saddle, as well as 50 photographs of a trailer loading session with a yearling colt who had broken his withers in a trailer and had refused to load. Gabrielle Boiselle is the photographer with her special eye for horses.

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2006

Price:  AUD$50 plus postage & handling





Getting In TTouch®: Understand and Influence Your Horse’s Personality

by Linda Tellington-Jones with Sybil Taylor

By analyzing the shape of your horse’s head,eyes, ears, chin, jowl, and profile, you can learn the innate personality of a horse and understand how to improve your horses’s performance.

Use this book to easily assess any horses personality tendencies and learn how to best approach training with each individual.

Actual case histories are explored with 21 horses in over 200 photos and 136 drawings.

2009 Version with New Profiles and Color Photos!

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2001

Price: AUD$30
plus postage & handling







All Wrapped Up for Horses: Improving function, performance & behavior with Tellington TTouch® Body Wraps

by Robyn Hood with Mandy Pretty

Everything you always wanted to know about Body Wraps for Horses:
* Simple and easy to use
* Effective and non-invasive
* Improves coordination, balance, self-carriage and mental focus.

New in late 2011, this booklet is easy to use and clearly explains many different configurations of the TTouch Body Wraps for Horses. You will be amazed by how much these simple configurations with change your horse!

Includes color photos.

Publisher: RHood 2011

Price: AUD$20
plus postage & handling




TTEAM® as a Complement in the Rehabilitation of Horses with Neurological Deficits

by Carol A Lang

This study of using TTEAM for the rehabilitation of horses with neurological deficits started through the efforts of Dr. Mark Meddleton and his wife, Becky. Becky’s horse, Jewel, was severely affected by EPM and Dr. Meddleton was trying all the forms of experimental medication. During the times that the medication seemed to be working, Becky decided to try TTEAM to rehabilitate Jewel. Becky applied her basic knowledge of TTEAM and was impressed by what she was observing with Jewel.

To initiate the study, Linda and Carol met with Dr. Meddleton and Becky at a client’s farm. A neurological exam was performed by Dr. Meddleton on three horses. TTEAM techniques were shown the horses’ owner and Dr. Mark set up a basic schedule of rehabilitation with the owner. In a few weeks Dr. Meddleton reexamined the horses and both he and the owner were sure that improvement had been made. Carol taught the owner more TTEAM techniques and Dr. Meddleton scheduled another evaluation of the horses.

We know that TEAM has been very effective in helping horses rehabilitate from neurological deficits as a complement to Veterinarian care. We offer this booklet as a guide to TTEAM Practitioners and others who will use TTEAM and TTouch in facilitate their horses’ rehabilitation.

Easy to use and clearly laid out, this booklet is a great introduction to the TTEAM work in general, as well as for use specifically for neurological deficits.

Price: AUD$20 plus postage & handling


The Tellington TTouch® Method for Veterinarians: Make your practice easier with handling and relaxing techniques

by Daniela Zurr, DVM

Daniela Zurr is a German veterinarian who specializes in Behavior Medicine with a special interest in the connection between organic diseases and behavior problems. Her book shows her daily use of TTouch in her busy vet practice. 

Although written for veterinarians and animal health care providers this 92 page book is interesting for anyone who needs to handle animals in stressful situations or wants to learn to apply TTouch with their sick or injured animal. 

Pictures include the use of wraps, towels and different TTouches, chapters include Philosophy and Goals, Research, Introducing the TTouch, establishing contact and general examination, Indication of TTouch with different organ systems, hospitalized patients, TTouch with anesthesia, Behavior Therapy, farm animals, TTouch for wild and zoo animals and the combination of TTouch with other therapeutic modalities.

Includes color photos.                                                 Published 2010

Price:   AUD$30
           plus postage & handling


All Wrapped Up for Pets: Improving function, performance & behavior with Tellington TTouch® Body Wraps

by Robyn Hood with Mandy Pretty

Everything you always wanted to know about Body Wraps for Pets:
* The how and why
* How to put them on
* Various configurations

 Learn how easy it can be to help your pet with issues such as: separation concerns, anxiety, motion sickness, mobility issues, arthritis, excitability; just to name few.

Includes color photos.                                     Published 2011

Price:   AUD$20 
           plus postage & handling


Dog Equipment

The Best Solution for Dog Anxiety

In addition to doing TTouches on your dog, Linda recommends using the unique Thundershirts for dogs who are anxious, fearful or over-excited. 

Thundershirts offer a gentle, constant pressure on the dog, which has a remarkably calming effect. For dogs who are miserable during thunder or fireworks, or for a dog with anxiety, fears, or one who is over-excited, TTouches plus the Thundershirt is a wonderful solution for your canine companion.  Find out more click here.

Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Price:   AUD$45 
           plus postage & handling

Horse  Equipment 
Essential TTeam Tools

TTeam® Wand

This 44" white dressage whip (imported from Germany) is stiff and well-balanced with a button end. An essential tool for successful TTEAM work

For more information
Click Here

Price: AUD$50
          plus postage & handling

Please note: wands are very hard to post safely, we suggest insuring your purchase or picking the wand up

Zephyr Soft Lead
TTeam® Soft Lead

A great lead created for TTEAM, with a 28" soft marine rope handwoven onto a nylon lead. Ideal for all horses especially foals, sensitive horses, and llamas.  Also available with cotton lead.

For more information Click Here

Colours: Red, green, blue, black, or brown   (purple & pink available by special order)
Cotton lead only available in taupe
Some colours may be out of stock at
time of purchase

 Price: AUD$35
   plus postage & handling

Balance Rein

The Balance Rein is like a "necklace" or a second rein at the base of the neck that rebalances a horse. It is used with a bridle for horses who have a tendency to come above the bit or behind the vertical, in combination with a snaffle or the TTEAM Training bit. The Balance Rein collects the horse and keeps him in a state of balance. The Balance Rein also invites horses to bring their backs up, to lengthen and to round the neck.

This style of Balance Rein is made of bio-thane and marine rope. The rope available in black, green or blue.

For more information Click Here
Price: AUD$55 
          plus postage & handling


Liberty Neck Ring

This neck ring is specially made for TTouch - it is stiff yet flexible; covered for comfort, easy to use and easily adjustable in size. The Liberty Neck Ring is described in Linda’s book Ultimate Horse Training and Behavior Book and shown in the DVD Solving Riding Problems In the Saddle.

For more information Click Here

Colours blue, green or beige.

 Price: AUD$35 
   plus postage & handling

Lindell Sidepull Bitless Bridle

This bitless bridle is a side-pull with a stiff leather nose piece, soft leather chin straps, and a laterally stablizing jowl strap. 

  In TTEAM Training we use it to start young horses and with horses who are sensitive in the mouth, overbent and/or for riders who have a tendency to balance off their hands. Our Lindell is hand made in Canada of quality leather. 

Available in Medium or Large. The large Lindell fits Warmbloods and other horses whose heads are broader or longer than average.

Black or Dark Brown

Price: AUD$150
          plus postage & handling

To order products contact products@ttouchaustralia.com.au
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